going off the griddle

purposeful living guidebook


Part of what “going off the griddle” represents is a process of going off things & letting go. I chose the word “griddle” not because my blog is about pancakes (it’s not), or to diminish self sustainability, it’s just that for most people, this isn’t going to happen 100% right away.  If we all make small changes, they add up to a lot of good.  It’s ok to start small in your goals and dreams.  In a world that shouts “Go big or go home” and other such taunts, I like to remind myself that I don’t have to be big & bold to live a fulfilling & worthy life, or to have done something really good!  Small, purposeful steps can lead to great leaps & then giant bounds!

I’d like to encourage others to get interested in repurposing & fixing their own broken things instead of just throwing stuff out to buy more stuff.  I grew up with a single mom who as she likes to say “worked her butt off to give us a good life”.  And I will never forget some of the fun times we had being crafty together.  We made christmas wreaths out of branches we cut from our own yard & wire coat hangers (not like mommy dearest!), we sewed things, we cooked things, she taught me how to drive!  Not only was it fun, but she gave me confidence in my ability to create something out of nothing.

So, in this spirit, I share my love of making things with you all.


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