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Happy Independence Day!

I love 3 day weekends, don’t you? This year, Independence day has a special meaning for me…independence from buying things I can make at home : )

I am so far loving my DIY beauty supplies. I made body lotion – it’s soooo…. easy! I made a lavender infused olive oil, lavender tea lotion & it smells & feels amazing. It absorbs quickly into the skin without a greasy residue. The lotion doesn’t taste funny or have a cheap lingering perfume.

I already enjoy cooking, so it’s no wonder I’ve adapted to this diy ifestyle without any hiccups. I really haven’t had any disasters. First crack at shampoo was a little dismaying – I amost abandoned the whole thing, I was only going to give it one more go. Check out my recipe for Peppermint, baking soda, Gelatin shampoo. I made a second batch, this time adding agar agar to get it nice & firm. Shampoo 2.0 is truly new & improved! Now, I can scoop up a fistful of shampoo gel out of the container, plop it on my head and work it into a nice lather without all of the shampoo running through my fingers. Yay! Consistency was the most difficult part of doing diy shampoo. The first batch was oily & gross. The second batch worked, but I wasn’t in love. The third batch is just right! Next time, I plan to play around with scents & herbal remedies. Peppermint is invigorating, but I want to do a more mild shampoo for when I’m feeling sensitive : )

MY hair & skin feel amazing, I just can’t begin to describe it. I am now convinced I can quit buying shampoo forever. I’ve added a dilluted vinegar rinse to my routine. It’s amazing. The vinegar rinse softens your hair, detangles and helps remove any residue from the shampoo. I’ve basically been washing my face & my hair with these 2 concoctions and my skin looks nice & bright as well. The baking soda is great for my normal to oily complexion. Baking soda is mildly abrasive, so it exfoliates the hair & skin gently lifts out build up. Vinegar restores the ph balance after cleansing and it detangles – who would’ve known?  The internet of course!

I love my shampoo & vinegar rinse! My hair feels squeaky clean everyday & my scalp feels invigorated from the peppermint. I’ve even been getting compliments on my hair lately.

Laundry detergent update – another success! At first, I wasn’t sure about this stuff either. I have a front loader with a glass window, so I could watch the wash cycle. I noticed, no suds…hmmm. Without any sudsing action, I was nervous this experiment was a bust. But, after inspection, my clothes did seem clean. Unfortunately, the essential oil I added for scent all but vanished in the wash, so my clothes didn’t smell particularly clean – boo! I wasn’t about to live with smelly clean clothes & my hunny was threatening to go buy Tide. Back to the internet. Some people buy laundry “enhancers” which are not naturally derived – but add scent for frugal diy-er’s. The chemical-phobes make their own “smell enhancer” with epsom salts and essential oils. Not only is the epsom salt concoction meant to make the clothes smell clean, but the epsom salts themselves are great fabric softeners apparently. Wow! I’m learning so many things : ) I luckily had purchased some scented epsom salts by accident for use as a weed killer. FYI – epsom salt is actually nutrient rich to weeds & roses, so don’t use epsom salt in your weed killer – it has to be table salt. Anyhoo – scented epsom salt added to my unscented diy liquid laundry detergent & voila! Good smelling, clean clothes on the cheap. I don’t think the scent is natural, for now, I’m pretty stoked on it anyway. I’m saving a ton of money on laundry detergent.

My latest home cleansing product? Liquid Dishwashing soap. The method of making it is bascially the same as the liquid laundry soap with a couple of tweaks.

16 C water
1.5 C washing soda
1 C borax
5 packages Kool-aide unsweetened lemonade

boil half of the water [8 cups]
pour boiling water into large bucket
add all dry ingredients & stir until completely dissolved
add remaining 8 cups of cold tap water
at this point, you can pour into the container you will use [I used the Cascade one that just ran out]
let this set up for 24 hours.

If you want, you can use a stick blender and whip this up or leave as a gel. Use about 1-2 T per load. Add vinegar to the rinse cycle for perfectly spotless dishes.


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