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Save money on Dog food, make it yourself!

One thing I’m convinced will save me a lot of money is making my dog food at home. Not only that, just think of all the cans that I won’t be sending to the recyclery. I’ve got some picky eaters too, but they love their mama’s home made puppy chow.

This is a great weekend project, you can make a month’s worth of food in a couple of hours (or less) and store in the freezer. Just remember to freeze the batches in smaller increments so that the food will thaw more quickly.

Ingredients: (no measurements, just use about 60% protein, 20% vegetables, & 20% rice.  Broth to desired consistency, salt to taste)

  • chicken broth
  • liver
  • eggs
  • beans
  • mashed pumpkin
  • garlic salt
Dog food ingredients

Dog food ingredients

How to:

  • Fully cook all of the ingredients before combining
  • combine all proteins in a bowl & chop with an immersion stick blender [or potato masher]
  • add rice, chicken broth & garlic salt and fold all ingredients together
homemade dog food

combine the ingredients

homemade dog food

homemade dog food

…and VOILA! There you have it, easy, frugal dog food your puppies will love!


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