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I fell off the wagon in April, but I’m not giving up yet

Quick update on my resolutions….

I made home made dog food – it was a hit with the pups! I made a a few different batches. One was with chicken liver & rice with mashed pumpkin from my garden. The other version has chicken as the primary protein. [see tutorial].

I haven’t needed to make any lotions yet because I’m still using up the ones still in my closet. I did make some Lemon Verbena oil with fresh herbs from my garden [see tutorial].

I also made 3 batches of soap – soooooo easy! [see tutorial].

Sadly though, I broke my no shopping resolution. I was great up until April…then I went to LA to LuckyFABB to learn about blogging : ) It started innocently enough with the purchase of a travel sized deodorant because, well I thought I needed it. There was something about being surrounded by all of these fashionable ladies, being in LA, the contents of my swag bag….that broke.me.down.

Needless to say, I was beginning to fiend for some new fashion! After that weekend, I completely fell off the wagon and did some thrift shopping, bought 2 bras at Target [I really needed them], and I even made a web purchase [not proud of this] for some running skirts [at a discount, thanks to my day job]. In fact, I almost completely gave up on the idea of blogging & my resolutions altogether. But sometimes, I have a day where I wonder why don’t I write a blog?, like today.

Anyway, back to the shopping fast. I decided it is ok to fall off, as long as I get back on. After all, I lasted 3 full months before I broke down. We had daylight savings time, the weather is getting nice, I recommitted to exercising… [hence the running skirts]. Justifiably, I think I spent less than $100 on all of those splurges. More importantly, I have been able to pay down about $1,000 one of my credit cards, so the quasi fast is working.

I’m back.


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